Sunday, October 21

Operation SOUP Is A Success

Britt and I arrived in Jacksonville yesterday around noon, making Operation SOUP (Surprise Our Unsuspecting Parents) a complete success.

Operation Surprise Unsuspecting Parents

My parents are here babysitting my nephew (aka their grandson) Ryland. My father, on a consulting assignment in the UK right now, flew in to help out my mom. What can I say? We're a family of jetsetting.

My parents have babysitting duty because my brother and sister-in-law, Lee and Michon, are in Chattanooga this weekend, attending a wedding. I feel guilty about coming here, staying in their home and spending time with their son when they're not here, but I discussed Operation SOUP with them in advance and they approved of it. They understood that this was the only opportunity Britt and I would have to see Ryland and my father until Thanksgiving.

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