Sunday, October 7

Saturday Errands Photo Dump

Here are some delightful photographs I took yesterday when I was out running errands with Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley:

I really don't know what disturbs me most about this film: (A) that every single TV series from the 1980s is being remade into a film; or, (B) that neither Bruce Willis nor Halle Berry have the deft acting skills and comedic timing to portray a role as nuanced and complicated as Cousin Balki Bartokomous.

Cluster PAK!
This logo caught my attention because I thought it said something very different. I was relieved to see it actually says Cluster PAK, and not what I originally thought. You know, P's and F's look similar in script typefaces.

The original?
I love the fact that "The Original" is printed over the product name, as if there were lots of other clam-tomato juice products sitting on the shelves and customers were standing in the aisles, scratching their heads, saying, "I have no friggin' idea which one to buy! If only I knew which one was the original!"

New Hot Tamales Ice?
As seen in the oxymoronic candy aisle

Star: "Britney Hits Rock Bottom"
Dave: "I don't think that's really Britney."
Britt: "Me neither. I think they Photoshopped her and Chris Farley together."

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