Thursday, October 18

A Very Special Edition Of The Four Questions

Today, we direct the Four Questions at our friend, reformed sourpuss Doug Stanley.

Q. What is Doug wearing?
A. Doug claims to be wearing "Garanimals for Grownups -- something from the Michael Fechter collection."

Q. How does Doug feel today?
A. Doug writes: "Doug is straight. He does not discuss his feelings."

Q. What are the factors affecting Doug's mood today?
A. Doug: "Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy."

Q. Doug has just been offered tickets to an all-star concert featuring the Counting Crows, Aimee Mann and R.E.M., but he's already got tickets for an all-expenses paid trip to play some of the world's best golf courses. What does he do?
A. Doug: "Alter my itinerary, if necessary, so that I could play the best available courses and attend the concerts. If this could not be accomplished, I would do what all Great Americans do: Blame Fechter."

1 comment:

Tampa said...

I don't know if I would go so far as to refer to Doug Stanley as a "reformed" sourpuss. I mean, even though we regularly do the happy dance and are enjoying the greatest job on the planet - as a veteran of working with the sourpuss genre in newsrooms all of my life, I can attest that D.S. is *still* unquestionably a Sourpuss. It's almost sad, actually, observing a Sourpuss without a remaining excuse to grumble.