Thursday, October 11

We're Here. We're Queer. We're The Four Questions.

"... if you removed all the homosexuals and homosexual influence from what is generally regarded as American culture, you would pretty much be left with 'Let's Make a Deal'." -- Fran Lebowitz

Q. What is Dave wearing?
A. Dave's wearing a black polo shirt and a pair of tan dress pants. Today is National Coming Out Day, and Dave had intended to wearing something symbolic, like a pink polo shirt. However, Dave doesn't own a pink polo shirt. Dave does own a Human Rights Campaign T-shirt, so he's wearing that under his black polo shirt -- which, yes, he is forced to admit, defeats the purpose of wearing the T-shirt in the first place.

Q. How does Dave feel today?
A. Dave is trying to look at the events of his life as a comedy, not a drama. He wonders if his life could also be a sci-fi story, like Bionic Woman, which is turning out not to be nearly as satisfying as the first episode has promised. The first bionic woman has gone from being an icy, heartless bitch -- and the coolest villain with the greatest one-liners on TV -- to a needy emotional wreck who misses her sister and just wants to be buddy-buddy with the new bionic woman. Of course, Dave is oversimplifying the situation here because he doesn't wish to recap the entire series story in his blog. He suggests you start your own blog if you want to discuss "Bionic Woman" plot minutia.

Q. What are the factors affecting Dave's mood today?
A. Dave apparently watched "Bionic Woman" last night.

Q. Is Dave more concerned with "Bionic Woman" or National Coming Out Day?
A. Dave thinks it would be totally cool if all the gay men and lesbians in the United States suddenly possessed bionic powers.

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