Wednesday, November 14

All Snack Cakes Are Equal, But Some Snack Cakes Are More Equal Than Others

Speaking of "Animal Farm" ...

The villain of "Animal Farm" is a pig named Snowball. There is also a Hostess snack cake called a Sno-Ball.

I don't particularly like Sno-Balls. They are chocolate cakes with a gelatinous texture (weird), covered with a thin marshmallow-like substance (good), rolled in pink coconut flakes (meh). However, for some inexplicable reason, I developed a sudden craving for a Sno-Ball about three weeks ago, and I couldn't find one anywhere in Tampa. I searched convenience stores, gas stations and groceries.

The craving has long passed, but the hunt is still on. I am determined to prove that I haven't somehow fallen into an alternate Sno-Ball free universe.

The lack of success is starting to frustrate me. A few days ago, I marched up to Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley and snapped: "Who do you have to fuck in this town to get a Sno-Ball?"

Perhaps I should have explained what a Sno-Ball is before I said that.

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Ann said...

I too have become a Snowball addict- to the 100 calorie ones that have the white coconut. Both items can be found in Sweetbay and Publix supermarkets in the Riverview area. I will pick up extras next time I'm shopping, we can then meet in a dark alley for the exchange....