Thursday, November 15

Bionic Imponderables

Some questions that came to mind as I watched "Bionic Woman" last night:

-- Wouldn't the bionic implants in Jamie Sommers' body require power? Where's that power coming from? I have to plug my iPod into my computer every once in a while to charge it up. If she can convert food into electrical energy for her bionic implants, wouldn't we need to see her shoveling a lot of food into her mouth?

-- I see Jamie running at super speeds, but where's the friction and chafing?

-- Are we really to believe that her fashionable high heels are going to hold up as she sprints around town?

-- How can her bionic ear work like a directional microphone if she doesn't turn her head?

-- If this super-secret agency has enough money to fund the world's most advanced bionic research and worldwide covert operations, why doesn't it have a few dollars left over to pay for a damn window in its office?

-- Why isn't the first bionic woman, the evil one, in every episode? She's way cooler than Jamie Sommers!

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