Monday, November 26

Britt And I Are Good Stewards Of The Environment

Some time today, a truck from Sears will pull up in front of the Simanoff-Shirley estate and deliver a brand new washing machine and clothes dryer.

I'm pretty excited, even though I know that expressing excitement over a new washer and dryer makes me something of a loser.

Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley does most of the laundry duty in our household. It's not that I don't mind doing it. It's just that I don't get a chance. I'm a once-a-week laundry guy. Britt will do it twice a day. I'll drop a t-shirt on the floor and 20 seconds later it will be in the washing machine. I had no idea that two grown men could produce so much dirty laundry.

When Britt's at a conference or on one of his extended mileage runs, I'll let two or three loads of laundry accumulate, and then do it all at once.

There are a handful of reasons I'm excited about this new washer and dryer.

For one thing, the washer is a front-loading machine. This is what washing machines looked like when I was growing up in Europe, so it just looks proper to me. It also means we'll have the option of stacking the washer and dryer in the future if we reconfigure our laundry nook, which we'd like to do.

Also, both the washer and dryer are high-efficiency machines, which is important to both both Britt and me -- especially considering how much laundry we seem to do. We want to conserve resources and help the environment, and these machines will help us. The new washing machine uses much less electricity and water than our current machine. The drum inside our new dryer is insulated with baby seal fur, which cuts drying time by 50 percent and reduces electricity usage.

These are truly the Toyota Priuses of household appliances.

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