Friday, November 16

Don't Believe The Tripe

Fellow Tribunaut Rich Mullins, a true Renaissance man who makes his own furniture and once raised sheep in Australia, snapped this photo on his way into work this morning:

KFC Tripe Dip Strips

Either KFC has concocted the worst fast food monstrosity of all time, or this sign is missing a letter.

I've never tasted tripe. Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley, my American Community School pal Craig Souza and I once ordered it accidentally at a dim sum lunch in San Francisco. We thought the waiter was offering us something called "beef Thai," not "beef tripe." Britt recognized the noodles weren't actually noodles as soon as the dish hit the table, and deduced what the waiter meant. He tried the tripe anyway. Craig and I could see the look of disgust immediately on Britt's face. We didn't touch the stuff.

Seeing Rich's photo reminded me of Britt's offal culinary adventure in San Francisco. (Get it? Offal? Oh man, why do you people put up with my lousy puns?)

Tripe Dip isn't the worst thing I've seen advertised on a fast food sign. About two years ago, Britt and I were in Jacksonville and we passed by a Burger King offering a very special sandwich:

Burger King Anus Shroom and Swiss Burger

At least tripe, while disgusting, is at least classified as food. An anus burger just isn't sanitary.

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