Tuesday, November 20

The Four Questions Are Gonna Get You

Well we all shine on,
Like the moon and the stars and the sun.
Well we all shine on,
Everyone come on and ask Four Questions.

Q. What is Dave wearing?
A. Dave is wearing a polo shirt that seemed to be black when he put it on, but now appears to be a very dark shade of green. Perhaps Dave's eyesight is failing in his old age. Dave is also wearing a pair of beige khaki pants because, apparently, you're not supposed to leave the house without pants on. At least that's what the police told him.

Q. How does Dave feel today?
A. Dave is a little groggy.

Q. What are the factors affecting Dave's mood today?
A. Dave was aghast this morning when Matt Lauer told him that the average Thankgiving meal contains 5,000 calories.

Q. What is the title of the book that the guy next to Dave at Starbucks right now is reading?
A. Dave says the book is called "The Millionaire from Nazareth." Dave will have to ask about it, as he doesn't recall learning anything about Jesus' financial prowess in his comparative religion classes. Dave wonders if the first chapter is titled: "Give a Man a Fish and He'll Eat for a Day, but Teach a Man to Fish and You Can Charge Him for Lessons"?

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