Tuesday, November 27

The Future Is Now (Updated)

The new Futurama DVD is here! I am so happy I nearly wet myself in Best Buy.

The Futur(ama) Is Now

I have waited for this moment since Aug. 10, 2003 (when the last episode, "Idle Hands Are the Devil's Playthings," aired on Fox).

Alas, I have to wait two more hours. Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley is teaching an evening class tonight. (How dare he work tonight! Does he not know tonight is the most important Futurama viewing event in nearly five years? Why must I continue to wait to hear Bender say the five most important words in the animated robot universe: "Bite my shiny metal ass"?)

Update at 11:03 p.m.:

Aaaah, it was bliss. Sure, after so much time, there was no way the Futurama movie could have met all my expectations, but I loved it anyway. The pacing seemed a little stilted to me, there wasn't enough Zoidberg, and the Fry-in-the-20th-century story seemed a little awkward, but I'm not too upset. The movie was hilarious and rewards fans who have been awaiting its return. I enjoyed it greatly, and I'm thrilled that three more feature-length movies are coming out on DVD in 2008.

This bit had me rolling on the floor:

Leela: "What's the secret of time travel doing on Fry's ass?"
Fry, plainly: "It was bound to be somewhere."

Al Gore plays himself in the movie. In the big climactic space battle, he attacks the enemy ships and proclaims, somewhat flatly:

"Finally, I get to save the Earth with deadly laser blasts instead of deadly slide shows."

Did I mention that the enemy ships are miniature solid gold Death Stars, covered in bling? Brilliant!

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