Tuesday, November 27

Greetings From Kuhn Honda-Volkswagen On Kennedy Boulevard

I'm here at the repair shop at 7 a.m., waiting for my the engine guard (the plastic shield that prevents all of the stuff on the road from getting into my car's delicate innards) to be repaired or, more likely, replaced. I don't know exactly what it's going to cost, but I have a theory that any visit to the car repair shop will cost either $30, $300 or $3,000.

Check your receipts. There's something to my theory, isn't there?

I ripped my engine guard Sunday night in a restaurant parking lot. Apparently, I pulled up too far in a parking spot, and when I pulled out, the engine guard was stuck on the concrete bumper that is, ironically, supposed to prevent you from pulling your car too far forward and damaging it.

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