Thursday, November 29

I Wish To Own A GMC Geography

Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley agree that Buick Enclave is a silly name for a vehicle, as enclave is a term for a small geographic region and we usually see it in New York Times travel articles in the following context: "(insert name of town here), the long established gay enclave in (insert name of area here)."

I'll admit the word has some positive connotations -- mainly a sense of being protected and being set apart from the masses. It still sounds silly, though. And it's a step away from the long established trend of naming cars for actual places, such as the Chevy Tahoe and the Subaru Tribeca.

Britt and I have concocted some more ridiculous automobile names, in case the industry wants to buy them:

-- The Nissan Neighborhood
-- The Acura Area
-- The Renault Region
-- The GMC Suburb (as opposed to GMC Suburban)
-- The Toyota Territory
-- The Subaru Subdivision
-- The Ford Ficus (this has nothing to do with geography, but Britt likes the name anyway, and we have some ficus trees near our house)

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