Wednesday, November 14

A Moo To A Kill

I recently bought a glue stick so that I can paste items into my Moleskine notebook.

I had been using ordinary sellotape, but fellow Tribunaut David Williams showed me the Moleskine notebook he prepared for his trip to Japan. He used spray adhesive to insert maps, timetables and other documents. I was wowed by the results; it looked very professional. I told David I wasn't willing to carry around a can of spray adhesive, and he said a glue stick would probably work just as well.

This is how I ended up shopping for glue for the first time since I was in elementary school. And it's why I was recently reminded that the logo for Elmer's Glue is a smiling cow.

Does anyone else think this is an inappropriate symbol for a glue company?

Unless I have been wildly misinformed, glue is made by boiling down the bones and skin of animals like like horses -- and cows.

If I were a cow, and I were on a glue bottle, I wouldn't be smiling. I'd be freaking out.

Standing there in the shop, I couldn't help but think of dear Boxer being sent to the glue factory in "Animal Farm." Did the Elmer's Glue cow suffer the same fate, always pledging to work harder, getting weaker and weaker while the stupid pigs -- especially that vile Snowball profited and got fatter?

I hate being an English major. I can't even buy a glue stick without turning the experience into a dissertation.

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