Thursday, November 8

"I Write And Joke About It, But When You See People Sitting In Their Own Urine At A Slot Machine ..."

America's Favorite Freshman Roommate Pauly McGuire, better known to everyone besides me as America's Favorite Poker Blogger, is making headlines again.

He's been interviewed by Michele Lewis, a fellow poker blogger. Actually, this is the second time Michele has interviewed Pauly. In the introduction, she explains that Pauly's first "Studs of Poker" interview just couldn't satisfy her.

Here's one of Pauly's excerpts:

When money and fame are involved it intensifies people’s personalities. You get to see people at their worst and their best. But I guess that’s the bad part because you see the worst part of people and the worst part of big business. You see serious addictions everyday. I write and joke about it but when you walk by people sitting in their own urine at a slot machine, that’s behavior because of gambling and their inability to handle their addictions. It’s as much of society as anything else but living in Las Vegas and being on the poker circuit the past three years, you get to see a dark side of humanity.

Then there are people winning lots of money and just blowing it. Some players do good things with their money, Phil Gordon raises money for cancer, Annie Duke did a lot for Darfur, all the Vietnamese players give money to family back home like John Phan, Kenny Tran and Liz Lieu and Barry Greenstein gives away his winnings.

You'll find the whole interview here. As always, Pauly is insightful. I don't know much about poker, but Pauly does a good job describing the people, passions and personalities involved.

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