Sunday, November 18

Roll Tide Time

Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley and I are in Alabama this weekend. We came here to see yesterday's University of Alabama football game, which should have been an easy rout over the University of Louisiana-Monroe. Instead, the Crimson Tide struggled and lost.

How sad.

Yesterday marked my first trip to Tuscaloosa, and my first University of Alabama football game. Britt and I had been talking about seeing a Crimson Tide game for several years -- wanted to go because Tuscaloosa and Alabama home games were such a big part of Britt's life before he met me, and so I wanted us to experience these things together.

Also, I wanted to see where they make the Flavor Aid that Britt has been drinking all his life.

(Yes, it was Flavor Aid they drunk at Jonestown. Not Kool-Aid. You can look it up.)

Here are some observations:

-- Tuscaloosa is a charming college town, albeit a much smaller one that Gainesville
-- The University of Alabama band played "Sweet Home Alabama" three times. That seemed appropriate. It also played the Jean Valjean theme from "Les Misérables," which strikes me as just about the gayest thing you can play on a football field in the Deep South.
-- The people sitting around Britt and me at the Alabama game were a lot more civil that than the people who usually sit around us at Buccaneers games.
-- No beer at a football game? That's just un-American!
-- In the fourth quarter, the Alabama players were headed toward a touchdown that would have tied the score -- and bungled it.
-- Britt's old apartment building has been turned into a retail center with a Quizno's and an Asian restaurant.
-- Tailgaters are everywhere.
-- The University of Alabama's Women's Studies program is located in Manly Hall.

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