Tuesday, November 13

Stray Days Are These

The stray cat returned to our house several times last week. I fed him once or twice, feeling guilty as I did it, but knowing I'd feel more guilty if I ignored him.

He is quite handsome. He looks like an Orangesicle.




I really wish I knew what to do with the little fella. I know it's not a good idea to feed strays. I'm not going to adopt him, as he's a feral cat. He's too small to turn into a rug, á là a bear or a tiger. I've made up my mind not to give him any more food, but I'll probably reconsider my position if it's cold, and he's hungry, and he meows for food like Watson used to.

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Nigel said...

May I remind you Joe the Cat was once a feral cat? I think this orange cat, oh, let's call him Kubrick, wants a home with you.