Friday, November 16

Today's Memo: Bluetoothtard

To: The idiot at Chili's in Airside C at Tampa International Airport
From: Dave
Date: Nov. 16, 2007
Subject: Bluetooth

Why the hell do you think it's necessary to continue wearing your Bluetooth headset while you're eating dinner with your family? It's obvious you're not talking on the phone.

Have you worn that headset, with the little blue light that keeps flashing out of your range of vision but is a distraction to everyone else on this side of your damn face, for so long it has become permanently fused to your ear?

Or -- this is my theory -- do you actually believe that you look so cool wearing your Bluetooth headset that you refuse to take it off, even when you're eating, and even when you're conversing with your wife and son?

You are a horrible, horrible person and I detest you.

1 comment:

Tampa said...

and you think I'm hostile because I can't take the tacky women at work who have fans, fake flowers, holiday decorations, bobble heads and 1,087 pictures of their family members all over their desks!