Thursday, December 6


Hyundai has got to be kidding us.

The car maker has just rolled out one of the most sophisticated advertising campaigns I've seen in a while -- the "Think About It" campaign that challenges people to consider whether safety and reliability are more important than the shiny badge on the front of the car.

They complement it with a secondary campaign that's completely dissimilar in tone. It features people chanting and singing the word "Duh" over and over again as the narrator explains, of course, you should buy a Hyundai vehicle because they're good performers and they're now on sale.

I, as a potential car buyer, don't appreciate a company throwing the word "Duh" in my face, however nicely it's sung. It's insulting. It's snarky. And, in contrast with the other Hyundai campaign (the online component of which can be seen online at it's just hugely disappointing.

Hey, Hyundai: Don't insult your potential customers! Duh!

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