Friday, December 21

Return Of The Mac Poseur

He has returned!

The Mac Poseur (first mentioned here, and later described here) has just plunked himself down in one of the overstuffed green chairs here in Starbucks and flipped open his notebook computer -- a Dell computer with an Apple sticker covering covering the logo.

As Daily Dave readers know, this guy (whom I have never met, or spoken to, or know anything about) ticks me off. Who does he think he's fooling? Why does he care that other people in Starbucks think he's using a Mac, not a Dell? Would anyone with a Mac notebook ever slap a Dell sticker on it?

Of course, common sense dictates that you shouldn't take pictures of complete strangers without their permission. However, I've already broken that rule this year, so I figured one more surreptitious snapshot with my cameraphone wouldn't hurt.

It's the Mac Poseur! (Identity protected)

Here are some things you might notice from the Mac Poseur photo:

-- He appears to be talking on an iPhone. It might be a Motorola phone decorated with an apple sticker.
-- He appears to have a Louis Vuitton bag. This might be a Jansport backpack, plastered with Louis Vuitton stickers.
-- He has not purchased anything from Starbucks: the empty cup was there before he sat down. This makes it impossible for me to make a joke such as: "He appears to have a venti latte. This might be a tap water, poured into a venti Starbucks cup and dyed to look like a latte."

Perhaps this picture will be the first step in helping scientists and sociologists study the enigma of the Mac Poseur. Perhaps he can be sedated, fitted with some kind of tracking collar, and released back into the wild, so that we can follow his migratory and mating habits.

1 comment:

wiredogs said...

Mac Man or Mac Woman?
I take exception to his footwear.
No Starfourbucks Cheer for this creature.