Friday, December 7

Today's Memo: Bizarristas

To: The employees at the Starbucks at Airside C at Tampa International Airport
From: Dave
Date: Friday, Dec. 7
Subject: Basic Training

First, I had to explain how to write down the order for the drink I wanted because none of you could get it right:

Starbucks scribble

Then, after several minutes of waiting -- and seeing everyone receive their order but me -- I had to actually explain to all of you how to make my drink.

And, finally, once I got my drink, plunged in the green straw and took a sip, I realized that it was made wrong.

Three strikes. You're out.

P.S. I refuse to use the word "baristas," for it is a silly, made-up word and I don't like it.

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wiredogs said...

You've been tagged and given an award. Come over and read all about it ... bring your Starfourbucks with you.
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