Monday, December 3

Today's Special Four Questions: Wayne Garcia

Today's Four Questions are answered by Weekly Planet Creative Loafing ├╝berpundit Wayne Garcia, who just happens to be sitting two tables away from me right now.

Q. What is Wayne wearing?
A. Wayne says "this is a Clayborne ugly tan dress shirt -- the only one I can find in this size until I lose some more weight -- and a pair of ugly faux Docker dress pants, and the best $25 pair of Reeboks I could find at the Burlington Coat factory." Wayne apparently has not been informed that Dave is the only one allowed to display self deprecating humor on the Daily Dave 2.0.

Q. How does Wayne feel today?
A. Wayne says he feels "totally stressed out by grad school."

Q. What are the factors affecting Wayne's mood today?
A. Wayne says, "It's Monday and it's Monday. Monday pretty much covers everything."

Q. Who does Wayne think is the sexiest GOP candidate, based on what he saw at last Wednesday's debate in St. Petersburg?
A. Wayne says "It's gotta be Mike Huckabee. He's lost like 110 pounds. I've lost 94 pounds." On the Democratic side, Wayne prefers Edwards.

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