Friday, January 18

Pack It In

Over the past three days, rabid Green Bay Packers fan Jerry Stockfisch (last seen on the Daily Dave here) has transformed the empty desk next to mine at work into a Packers shrine.

Some pictures:

Jerry and the Packers shrine
Say cheese, Jerry.

Jerry's Packers shrine
Is the flag allowed to touch the ground like that? Or now do we have to retire it, like an American flag? Also, note the helmet -- Jerry used to wear it when he was a kid!

Jerry's Packers shrine (close-up)
Brett Favvvvvvvvvvre.

Now that the Bucs are out of the race, I don't mind all the Green Bay stuff near me. I'd be excited for Jerry if the Packers won this weekend's game and moved on to the Super Bowl, especially because Jerry promises he'll bring in those publicly-I-detest-them-but-secretly-I-want-to-wear-them foam cheese head hats.

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