Friday, February 15

Flower Power

Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley sends me flowers every year on Valentine's Day.

I love getting the flowers at work, because, (a) they're always beautiful; and, more importantly, (b) they are a delightfully subtle political statement. I usually don't send him flowers because, as a university professor, he doesn't sit in a large open office with coworkers that can be made jealous. Also, yesterday he didn't teach or have office hours.

This year, the flowers arrived in a box and were delivered by FedEx:

A package on Valentine's Day

Inside, I found a bouquet of tulips, a small package of Godiva chocolates, a small package of Godiva chocolates, a handful of crushed glass that at appeared at one time to be a little vase. Fortunately, I still had the vase from the flowers Britt sent me for our anniversary in November.


Tulips are my favorite flowers because they are my mother's favorite flowers. (Chrysanthemums, incidentally, are my least favorite flowers because they are hard to spell.)

I tried calling FTD about the broken vase. I got a recorded message explaining that they were not taking any phone calls because they were taking too many phone calls. I wish I were making that up.

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