Monday, February 25

Have They Ever TASTED A Peep?

Borders wants to sell you gift cards for Easter. Here are the signs posted above the gift card displays:

Have they ever tasted a Peep?

Obviously, this verbiage was written by someone who has never eaten a Peep. Peeps are basically sugar-coated sugar, mixed in with some high-fructose corn syrup to make them taste more sugary. One Peep contains 50 percent of the RDA for sugar — not the recommended daily allowance, but the recommended decade allowance.

There is no way that a Borders gift card, which contains mostly plastic and a magnetic strip, tastes sweeter than a Peep. Also, a gift card would be very hard to chew and the shards might cause serious damage to your digestive system.

Borders cards might be very thoughtful gifts, but they are not sweeter than Peeps. Don't be fooled!

Another advantage of Peeps over Borders gift cards: You can't make s'mores out of Borders gift cards! Check this Daily Dave blog post from 2006 for the directions.

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