Wednesday, February 20

Someday We'll Find It, The Rainbow Connection: The Lovers, The Dreamers and the Four Questions

Q. What is Dave wearing today?
A. Dave is wearing a black polo shirt and a pair of jeans. These super-casual Wednesday will come to an end once Dave starts with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Q. How does Dave feel today?
A. Dave feels confident, fortunate and grateful.

Q. What are the factors affecting Dave's mood today?
A. Dave has never been a lame duck in the work place before — at least, not recently. The last time he switched jobs, in 1999, he gave notice and was shown out the door that afternoon (which is pretty customary in newsrooms after a reporter announces he or she has taken a job at a competing paper in the same market). This time, Dave has two weeks to say farewell to his coworkers. He is touched that so many people are congratulating him and saying they will miss him. Dave has always known he has worked with some of the finest, kindest and most gracious people in the newspaper industry, and his experience over the past few days confirms this. Dave is also somewhat amused by the handful of petty people who have ignored him completely since he announced he was moving to PwC.

Q. Does Dave recall a quote from "Futurama" that deals with leaving one's job?
A. In one episode, corporate titan Mom takes over Planet Express and fires everyone. Her instructions to the suddenly fired employees: "Don't let the door hit you on the way out, 'cause I don't want ass prints on my new door."

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