Wednesday, February 27

A Staff Farewell

Yesterday, some Tribune staffers took Russell Ray and I out to lunch to celebrate our departure from the newsroom.

Russell, who joined the Trib last year from the Tulsa World, heads to Tallahassee today to join the bureau there. I started working at the Tribune in 1999. My last day is Friday, as I have already mentioned multiple times on this blog; I start my new career as a senior writer for PricewaterhouseCoopers next month.

Here's a photo from lunch:

Tampa Tribune farewell lunch for Dave and Russell

From left to right: Cheryl Segal, me, Phil Morgan, Russell, a tiny sliver of Will Rodger's head, Mike Kersmarki, Christina Mancing, Rich Mullins, Ted Jackovics, Ken Knight and Vicki Lim. Both Will and Vicki are members of the WFLA/Tampa Tribune refugee society, which I will be eligible to join starting March 1.

Here's a somewhat blurry picture of Vicki and me:
Vicki and Dave


Jeff said...

Wished I could have been there.

J.G. said...

Congrats 4 escaping the Snooze Ctr. What is "Senior Writer" at PwC? I once worked there at a contract "Technical Writer" on the PSoft conversion from Legacy systems (2000-ish).

Understand yer departure has torpedoed the AM Biz Rpt once & for all. You are a powerful former journalist!!