Friday, February 29

Things I Won't Miss About Working At The Tribune, Part IV

In a few hours, I'll tape my final Business Report segment. It will air tomorrow morning on WFLA.

It's teevee time

I will not miss delivering the morning Business Report several times a week.

I actually enjoy taping these reports. For one thing, the WFLA crew I work with is made up with some of the greatest, funniest, most interesting people in the News Center. For another, writing these minute-long Business Report scripts has taught me how to be a better writer. Thanks to my experience in television, I know how to get the crux of a very complicated story across to readers or viewers in a very conversational way. I also feel I have developed a strong but conversational voice that comes across on TV and in print.

And let's be totally honest: it's very cool to be able to boast that you're on TV on the biggest station in the 13th biggest media market in the United States.

Here's what I won't miss about the morning Business Reports: I have been doing them for about seven years, and I can count on one hand the number of times anyone in the Tribune newsroom has thanked me. Some of the folks on the TV side of our organization have expressed their gratitude and complimented me on the Business Reports, but, alas, that has rarely been the case in my own newsroom.

Tribune reporters are not paid for doing WFLA work. A thank you would have been appreciated.

(I also will not miss putting on the makeup. I may have mentioned that part of the TV experience already.)

I won't miss doing the Business Reports — they were a hassle, they cut into my productivity, and they were, quite literally, a thankless task — but I will always be grateful that I had the opportunity to do them. That's not a contradiction. That's just the nature of working for newspapers, I guess.

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Sarah V. said...

Congrats Dave on your new adventure! sarah - a part of the society of journalist refugees.