Monday, February 4

Thoughts On Last Night's Super Bowl

Just a few impressions:

  • Why does Fox Sports feel it necessary to subject its viewers to a hammy reading of the Declaration of Independence, a subversive, revolutionary treatise that has as much to do with football as the Magna Carta does with the World Cup?
  • The Walter Payton award looks like it is made of chocolate. If this is true, it is a good thing.
  • I've noticed a lot of derivative ads this year: Audi borrows a scene from "The Godfather," Pepsi steals an idea from an old "Saturday Night Live" sketch, Budweiser cops the plot of "Rocky IV," and Life Water features computer-generated lizards reenacting Michael Jackson's "Thriller" choreography.
  • I wish the Giants had worn their red jerseys.
  • Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley wondered why New Age singer Enya is never asked to play the halftime show.
  • The Under Armor ad ended with a leader on a giant, raised podium, addressing a massive audience, surrounded by red banners. No, that doesn't remind me of either Hitler or Stalin one bit.
  • Garmin's quirky ad, poking fun at the diminutive Napoleon, appealed to both the history buff and the Anglophile in me.
  • The Doritos ad with the mousetrap was the only one that caught me by surprise, and thus the only one that made me laugh. Many of the other ads were so formulaic that I was able to shout out their endings once the spots had started. For example, in the ad that starts out at a wine and cheese party, as soon as we see the guy walk in with the oversize wheel of cheese, I turned to Britt and said: "beer in the cheese."
  • Watching the first half of the game was painful. After a Giants field goal and a Patriots touchdown, the score remained 7-3 until halftime, with very little action until the final thirty seconds or so.
  • Stupidest comment during the halftime show: "I don't know what people expected, but we got ourselves a football game!" Uh, gee, Mr. Curt Menefee, I was expecting the Crufts 2008 dog show.
  • Tom Petty, a singer best associated with the 1980s, appears to be wearing the Rachel, a haircut best associated with the 1990s.
  • "American Girl" will always remind me of "Silence of the Lambs." (Ditto for the American Girl Stores popping up from city to city.) It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!

Here are the ads I liked:

This is the only one that truly shocked me — and made me laugh.

Which way to Waterloo?

Pitting Stewie against Underdog was sheer genius.

The expressions on the animals' faces put this ad over the top. It reminded me of a scene in "Airplane."

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Tampa Gypsy said...

Why did you have to bring up Walter Payton? I have a traumatic journalistic story involving Walter Payton.