Monday, March 17

Be All That You Can Be Unless You're Gay

If the military had a policy that let it discriminate against blacks or women or Asians, would it be welcome to host a massive recruiting drive here at the University of Tampa, complete with a live band, emcee, free food and free drinks?

Of course not.

And yet, Don't Ask Don't Tell is still on the record books and I am experiencing such an event (the U.S. Navy College Tour) as I wait to meet the Complementary Spouse for lunch.

No one asked me what I thought. I told anyway. That's my policy.

U.S. Navy College Tour

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Aaron said...

The mustached American has experienced a distinct pattern of discrimination since 1981, when Walter Cronkite left the airwaves and the mustache, in essence, went out of business. It hurts, and we feel for any of our brothers and sisters who have felt the pain of discrimination for any reason.