Thursday, March 6

Get The Door. It's A Pizza Company That Thinks You're An Imbecile.

I don't think it's a good idea for a company to abase its customers in its advertisements.

Apparently, the people at Domino's Pizza disagree.

In two new television ads, Domino's implies that its customers are idiots.

The goal of the ads, I suspect, was to inform TV viewers that Domino's deliveries take 30 minutes (although the fine print at the bottom of the screen spells out that this is an estimate, not a guarantee). This message is supplanted entirely by a different one: people who order Domino's pizza use those 30 minutes to do stupid, useless things.

For example, in one of the TV spots, the Domino's deliveryman arrives to discover that the customers have picked up a pathetic Brooklyn accent in anticipation of their Brooklyn-style pizza. In the other TV spot, the deliverywoman is greeted by a customer who has burned off his eyebrows and drawn in new ones with a Magic Marker.

The tone of these ads is snarky: the customers are all bumbling and childish, while the delivery staff is patronizing and snobbish.

Nothing about these ads makes me want to be a Domino's customer, nor does it want to greet a Domino's delivery person on my doorstep. I'd rather wait a little longer for a pizza from a company that doesn't think I'm a moron, thank you very much.

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