Thursday, March 6

A Very Special Four Questions With Our Guest Answerer Stacey Shick

Today's four questions are being answered by Stacey Shick, Dave's pal from the Tampa Tribune who is also enjoying a delicious caffeinated beverage this morning in Starbucks. Stacey is an editor extraordinaire here in Tampa. She is moving soon to New York.

David and Stacey

Q. What is Stacey wearing today?
A. Stacey is wearing gray pants and a wine-colored trenchcoat-type shirt with a bow in the back. Dave finds it to be quite fashionable. He is happy he decided not to wear the same thing today, as that would be a fashion faux pas here in Starbucks.

Q. How does Stacey feel today?
A. Stacey is cheerful.

Q. What are the factors affecting Stacey's mood today?
A. She is happy she ran into Dave and had a nice conversation.

Q. What are Stacey's thoughts about her upcoming job move to a certain major metropolitan daily newspaper that shall not be named but is based in New York?
A. Stacey says the best thing "will be a tie between actually getting to edit stories again and having clerks to place calls for me."

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