Tuesday, April 8

First Impressions

My new employer is the mintiest company on the planet.

There's a huge bottle of Listerine in the men's room (and, I presume, the ladies' room) on every floor. No one in this firm ever has bad breath, even after a lunch of onions and garlic.

This is just one of the multitude of reasons I am overjoyed to have changed jobs. My last job had many problems. Mouthwash would have fixed just one of them.


wiredogs said...

Have you considered ... that the mouthwash is for the garlic that everyone must ingest to ward off the vampires?
just a thought.

Tampa Gypsy said...

I can personally attest that the mouthwash is, in fact, in all of the women's restrooms. And in the transgender people's restrooms, I hear.

ScribeLife said...

Ya think maybe they're sending us a message?

Well, maybe not to ME, but, you know, to the other people?